Corporate Investment Marketing

The song and video are original compositions

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and event videos 

Music Videos

Fun shoots and great results

Passion Projects

Express your soul

Karma Teachers

A short social media clip for Karma Teachers Nonprofit.

The Positivity Project: 20 Episodes and Counting

When American politics went extra crazy in 2017, I caught myself ranting and ruminating with frustration.  One day in traffic I had my eureka moment and found my way to do some gentle good amidst the chaos of modern media by producing my first web-series.  Check out all the episodes by clicking here.

Kids Without Yachts Gala Fund-razor

Follow the journey of sustainability and travel blogger Marina Jenkins, as she donates her hair to raise money to seek experimental cancer treatment for her terminally ill friend.  This wild and emotional ride was an amazing event for a good cause.  If you watch carefully, you'll see a very specialized style of painting...

Desi Dream Weddings

Marketing mock-up for Desi Dream Weddings

Zulu Panda Music Video

A sample of a very simple but effective, low-budget, music video I filmed for Wesley David Scott (Zulu Panda.)

Bre McDaniel 'Spark' Live Music Video

The concept of the live event was light pollution.  For this song all of the lights were turned off except for a candle at the front of the stage.  I was challenged with turning this into both a music video and a film that captured the essence of the entire event.

Mindworks Webseries Pilot Trailer

A kind and complicated man living and active life;  Prevailing over MS, CCSVI, Epilepsy and a 90 second short term memory.  Crash is the pilot episode for my new web-series concept showcasing people with mental health challenges maintaining positive, healthy and active lives.

"Cold Turkey" Self-Directed Music Video

My song, Cold Turkey, was recorded with producer Neal Miskin over 2 days in East Vancouver.  After explaining the concept to amazing local actor Miles Ellis, he agreed to be the subject in my video.  The filming took place over one long day in Richmond, BC. where we set out to depict mental illness from within a character, though the subjects eyes.  We wanted to create an empathic piece that brings a universal sense of the emotional and physical struggle that mental health challenges can bring.

My "The Room," 108

108 is so delightfully strange, I call it my "The Room."  We were compelled to explore the depth of simplicity shooting black and white with only a manual lens DSLR and two main props, apples and bacon. A study in conflict with nearly no gear, two wonderful performers; Bacon.... and Apples.  Enjoy :)