My Latest Demo

My Latest Demo Tape

I decided to sing my heart out in The Vault, showcasing some of my latest songs (live off the floor) with an intimate acoustic trio.  If you would like to download these three tracks, they are available free on SoundCloud for a limited time.

Covers, Orphans, Demos & the Obscure

The SoundCloud Special

These are a collection of recordings that have stood the test of time.  We decorate walls with art, we decorates time with music; And these songs paint an abstract picture of my life in music.  Covers, Orphans, Demos and the obscure.  I think it's pretty obvious that I love music and that it's a deep and permanent part of my creative life.  I hope you find joy, love, consciousness and maybe some distraction from these sounds of my past, both recent and not so recent.

Produced by Rob Fillo

Production: A Genre Bending Sample Of My Music Production Projects

Mentors and Education

I graduated with a diploma in Audio Engineering from Recording Arts Canada in 2002. Since then I have been involved in more projects than I can count, on a vast selection of gear, all across Canada. 

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the best in the music industry.  I studied under Nick Blagona, Bob Doidge, Martin Pilchner, and many more longstanding legends in the music business while attending Recording Arts Canada.  Then I had the pleasure and peril of working with more wonderful artists and various professionals than I can count and every one has taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me everyday.

Free Downloads

Files coming soon.