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Rob Fillo


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Counterspace Studio & Gallery Grand Opening

Counterspace Studio & Gallery


Welcome to Counterspace! 

Counterspace is the meta-physical plane of all creation and now my studio and gallery as well. This space is the creative womb of all my music, film, photography and visual arts projects. This small, but mighty space includes multiple work stations on two levels, a full kitchen and bathroom facility, a glass panel garage door for displaying work to the public 24/7 and a full security system. I am over joyed to have this opportunity to be more public with my collection of works and to the city and community support that was required to make this happen. I specialize in accessible art, so many of the paintings are well within your budget range and the majority of my videos are free (ad-free as well because ads ruin moments, especially artistic ones.)

To be able to independently create and distribute my work on a larger and larger scale I receive community financial support through art sales and Patreon. The art world is a tough one financially. If you like what you see and hear in my work, please consider a contribution. Even $1 a month helps.  I plan on expanding operations, increasing my community outreach and taking my show on the road in Summer 2020 with a new record. Thank you very much for your interest in my studio and my work, if you read this far, you are very much appreciated.

Grand Opening Sept 28th 2019

To RSVP for the studio & gallery grand opening event Sept 28th 7-10pm, please send a message to the link below or visit the BC Culture Days website link here.


Music Feature - On My Own by Rob Fillo & ZuluPanda

I Create Customized Ethical Content for a Changing World.


Two tree images in the abstract shape of human heads with birds, representing ideas, flying between them.  This is abstract art and very beautiful.

I adhere to moral and ethical guidelines that dictate the content I am willing to produce and companies I am willing to work with.  These ethical guidelines ensure the creation of quality, legal and legitimate content that strictly limits the use of psychological manipulation, misinformation and exploitation.


A business man facing away with squiggly lines shooting out of him.  The lines represent different ideas or directions.

I can help you market yourself and your business in an engaging and personable fashion.  I am here to serve your promotional content and marketing needs, to take your business to the next level.  With a holistic approach to marketing we can engage your client base on multiple levels, reaching the people you want involved with your brand and helping serve your target markets needs.

Changing World

A large yellow arrow facing right surrounded by smaller white arrows pointing the same direction.  This image represents congruency of direction.

Get more customers, clients, likes, hearts, subscriptions and, most importantly, brand awareness.  Content is king.  Every business must also be a media generator.  I work with clients to meet their art, music, video, photography, design and writing needs.  Let's market your business from a personable and exciting angle to reach an engaged customer base.