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Rob Fillo: Multidisciplinary Artist

Rob Fillo is an artist engaged in music, film,  photography, writing and other production projects.  He is the former CEO of Vancouver Media Services Inc. and the former Executive Director of Richmond Arts Coalition with a wide range of experience in business, politics and admin.  He is actively engaged in advocacy for arts, culture and social evolution. Rob lives in north Richmond, BC. Canada and creates custom projects out of his multidisciplinary art space Counterspace Studio & Gallery.

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Rob Fillo Bio:

In an era of homogeneous corporate media with a theme of lowest common denominator exploitation for profit, Rob Fillo stands apart. His deep gravity towards community building and mental health support, his brazen commitment to speaking and acting true to his heart, and his love and respect for humanity and the human condition, have set him apart from the status quo. Fillo seems to exist in a parallel world of his own making, creating love-centric works of music, film, writing and underground public art with an uncommon passion and civility harkening back to a time near forgotten, before social-media ruled the minds of man. The majority of his works go unrecognized due to his preference towards an anonymous nature, but a tight knit community of both online and real life supporters know and appreciate him well. The man is a true enigma that casts off much of modern ideology, for soul searching, in pursuit of an intuitive sense of art that will make a positive difference in human lives. A firm believer in the power of vulnerability and emotion, Fillo pours his passion for existence into projects large or small, commercial or esoteric.  He is a sincere and self-propelled multidisciplinary renaissance artist of a new era.  With love in his heart and a mind full of curiosity, Fillo plans to change the world one creation at a time.

Rob Fillo in skull fangs half-face mask

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Song Feature: BatTered One

I wrote, recorded and produced this hard rock track all by myself with a Mac, a mic and a dream.  It played Canada wide on CBC and received heavy rotation airplay in Nova Scotia.  Thanks for listening to my music.  It means a lot to me that I can express my thoughts and feelings to a receptive audience through my arts

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I Create Customized Ethical Content for a Changing World.


Two tree images in the abstract shape of human heads with birds, representing ideas, flying between them.  This is abstract art and very beautiful.

I adhere to moral and ethical guidelines that dictate the content I am willing to produce and companies I am willing to work with.  These ethical guidelines ensure the creation of quality, legal and legitimate content that strictly limits the use of psychological manipulation, misinformation and exploitation.


A business man facing away with squiggly lines shooting out of him.  The lines represent different ideas or directions.

I make all sorts of art work and bend the borders of genre and discipline on a daily basis.  I love to make original content of my own and I love creating custom works for others.  I utilize a wide range of skills and talents to achieve unique and attention grabbing content with depth and soul.

Changing World

A large yellow arrow facing right surrounded by smaller white arrows pointing the same direction.  This image represents congruency of direction.

The world is moving faster than human beings can evolve.  Keeping up with the changing world and the multiplicity of social and cultural systems is very difficult.  I aim to create works that transcend the short sighted, addiction-based world order we live in; In the pursuit of the truth and beauty of a meaningful future.

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