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Rob Fillo

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Featured Project

This weeks featured project is a remix of a famous EDM track.  I got ahold of the instrumental stems and turned this electronic dance track into a Rob Fillo Rock Remix!  Special thanks to Above & Beyond for tolerating this hard rock perversion of their dance track.

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I Create Ethical Content for a Changing World.



I adhere to moral and ethical guidelines that dictate the content I am willing to produce and companies I am willing to work with.  These ethical guidelines ensure the creation of quality, legal and legitimate content that strictly limits the use of  psychological manipulation, misinformation and exploitation.



I can help you market yourself and your business in an engaging and personable fashion.  I am here to serve your promotional content and marketing needs, to take your business to the next level.

Changing World


Get more customers, clients, likes, hearts, subscriptions and, most importantly, brand awareness.  Content is king.  Every business must also be a media generator.