Film Maker

Over 100 projects completed. Short films, commercial advertising, socially conscious projects, and social media videos.

Music Producer

Over 100 original compositions written and over 50 music production and sound recording projects completed. Writing, recording, mixing and mastering for all your music and sound needs.


Over 50 projects completed from head-shots and fashion to stock footage and reference photography. 


Corporate business consulting on image, branding, production, governance and community engagement.  Have worked with Columbia Performing Arts Society, Richmond Arts Coalition, Geoff Frost & Associates, and the City of Richmond, among many others.

Project Manager

As CEO for Vancouver Media Services Inc. (2010-2018) and Executive Director of Richmond Arts Coalition (2016-2018) I have had been in charge of a wide variety of projects and would love to make the right project a massive success.


I have designed and taught a variety of original workshops and can customize programming to suit the needs of most nonprofits, for-profits and community engagement sessions.  I also teach private lessons in music, music production, film production and social-media.

Ethical Content for a Changing World


I adhere to moral and ethical guidelines that dictate the content I am willing to produce and companies I am willing to work with.  These ethical guidelines ensure the creation of quality, legal and legitimate content that strictly limits the use of  psychological manipulation, misinformation and exploitation of any sort (within reason.)


Whether you want to increase your social media presence, land your next  big contract, or tell your story on YouTube.  I can help you market yourself and your business in an engaging and personable fashion.  I am here to serve your promotional content and marketing needs, to take your business to the next level.

Changing World

The world is constantly charging forward and change is swift.  Stay on top of the social trends and be prepared to include your voice on the new media wave.  Get more customers, clients, likes, hearts, subscriptions and, most importantly, brand awareness.  Content is king.  Every business must also be a media generator.


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