The Positivity Project

Produced by Rob Fillo

Human life is complicated and tumultuous, it always has been.  Media is failing to fulfill a sacred role of guidance and morality and preferring to spread gossip and gore for financial gain.  I created the Positivity Project to contribute to positive media.   All featured speakers volunteered to speak from their heart about topics of their choice and I let the camera role.  There are over 20 episodes and all are available on YouTube, monetization is turned off to minimize YouTube advertising. 

Surviving Brain Cancer

Steven McKee

Crash: Living With A 90 Second Short Term Memory

Greg "Crash" Cooper

Take Time For Depression, But Not Too Much Time

Sarah Lipi

Grateful: The Gratitude Attitude Special

Our first ever special episode on gratitude!

Everyone's Story Matters

Mark Boyter

Redefining Self

Jeff Arsenault

Reduce Your Stress

Hugh Barbour

Chase Down Your Dreams

Ysabelle Bertrand

A Passion For Passion

Lonnie Eagleton

Positivity = Progress

Jess Barbour

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Josiah Taschuk

Believe In Yourself

Frank Henry

The Steps To Success

Marina Jenkins

We Are Unique And That IS What Makes Us Special

Frank Allen Dickinson