Phoenix Muranetz On Rob Fillo

Written Testimonials & Project Praise

Kitty Nights Productions

Rob Fillo is our number one go to for live sound reinforcement.  He has a personality, professionalism and ear that make him an absolute pleasure to work with.  His experience as a performer and an audio engineer make him a unique unicorn of a musical genius.  Keep your eyes on Rob as his creativity will surely take the world by storm.

Marq DeSouza

 "While most of his peer group swims the ocean of musical irony, Rob Fillo knows that earnest truths never go out of style, just merely hibernate for survivals sake. The songwriting shows his heart on his sleeve, with one eye on the prize, the other looking inward to more personal revelations. That is to say, you won't find any disingenuous sleights of hand here. Just a strong collection of what we used to call 'good' music, with the highest sense of melody possible. Get him a record deal already so these can come alive where they deserve to...on stages around the world."

John Pippus

“Rob Fillo came out of nowhere and is just such a kick-ass, original songwriter; with master production skills to boot. Rob is a quiet, unassuming guy in person, always supportive of his fellow performers, just as often seen behind the soundboard making sure the other guy's sound is 'just right' as he is onstage.  If the music gods have any sense of justice, Rob will break out nationwide.”

Glenn Chatten

 “Rob Fillo freely opens his heart and soul for all, sharing a vulnerable side of himself through his well crafted melodies and gripping lyrics; that is so rare to find in this world. If you're looking for authenticity and integrity in a songwriter, friends, your search has ended with Rob sitting in front of you - guitar in hand and song in heart! Rob doesn't try to be anything more than he is - and that is a beautiful thing!”

Michael Averill

 “Not only is Rob consistently able to deliver, but the quality of writing and depth/insight in his songs take listeners on incredible rides. From hilarious stories, crowd sing-a-longs, to the rawest emotions and brutal honesty – Rob Fillo truly paints an image of expression with every performance, and isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks.”

Karen Larson


"Love Rob Fillo!  The melodies and lyrics are intoxicating and flow beautifully;  Not in a 'pop' mainstream kind of way but a deeply intelligent, grown up and thoughtful way.  The songs are perfect, not too long, not too short, and they keep me interested.  I want to play his record over again right away after the first listen!  Well done.”

Lio (formerly of Boompa Records)

 “Rob Fillo's intense passion for his music shines through his performances. His vocals are filled with the emotional complexity needed to convey the real poetry behind his lyrics.”

Linda Redhawk

“I was blessed with the opportunity to experience, Vancouver based singer songwriter, Rob Fillo, perform.  The sincerity and compassion with which he performed moved me to joyful tears.”


 “Rob Fillo is an amazing producer. I could tell he had a great ear for performance and technicality from our first session. Rob has built himself a very strong skill set which includes the ability to make any artist immediately at ease.  I thoroughly enjoyed his precise input, patience and immense creativity.”

James Davis

 “He’s the composer, producer, and performer of his own music.  No imitation.  No covers.  At the lyrical and melodic level, every one of his songs is a homegrown, warm-blooded, airtight, hi-fi, bona fide original.  Some songs are jubilant, zippy, buoyant, and nimble while others are barbed, punchy, vigorous, carnal, and intimate.  Rob knows that albums are, good or bad, historical concretions; cultural time capsules.  I anticipate that the groundswell and fountainhead of his drive will never cease and he will be uncontrollably pushed to the vanguard of mastery, his repertoire forever deepening, his quality forever improving.  Rob Fillo's aches and pains feed and thereby enhance, rather than undermine his chances of survival as both a man and an artist.  And if we listen carefully, we can hear his emotional soup in the vibrations of his guitar.”

Phoenix Muranetz

"Working with Rob Fillo is a pleasure.  He was one of the most enjoyable creative producers I've had the opportunity of working with! He has a heart of pure gold, possesses an innate talent for bringing forth authenticity, and has a beautiful eye for film! I've been so impressed with his work that I want to continue working with him.  Thanks for creating such beautiful art!"

Greg "Crash"Cooper On Rob Fillo