An Audio-visual Love Affair

I love working with video.  It is the marriage of my two first loves, music and photography.  I do all sorts of various films and commercial projects.

The Wildest Charity Event Ever

I was asked to cover this Kids Without Yachts charity event at the Vancouver Playhouse.  It was a wild party that raised a lot of money for cancer treatments not currently covered by the Canadian healthcare system.  The story follows YouTuber and social activist Marina Jenkins on her journey towards getting her head shaved for charity.

108: A Study In Conflict

Rob Fillo's first short film. Hired as a camera op, having only a basic camera and no sound gear, Rob was on his own to improvise a one day shoot when the original producer/writers dropped out last minute. Having already committed to the day, Fillo and the two actresses decided to make a short film, study in conflict, using the only two props purchased for the original shoot....Apples and bacon.  Hilarity ensued.  This is Rob Fillo's The Room moment, 108.

Cold Turkey

An artistic self-directed music video touching on the pain and anguish of mental health challenges.

30 Second Targeted Transportation Commercial

A targeted commercial made to entice investors at a large scale Bollywood event.  Original music and editing by Rob Fillo.

Bre McDaniel CD Release Music Video

Rob was asked to encapsulate Bre McDaniel's debut CD release event.  The theme was light pollution.  So, the entire event was mostly darkness with very few light sources.  Delighted by the challenge Fillo made this event video around Bre's live performance of her original song Spark.

The Positivity Project: Surviving Brain Cancer

For two years, Rob Fillo focused largely on giving back to the world through a special web-series called The Positivity Project.  The project focused on individuals from various communities that volunteered to tell their stories of positivity and survival in this very challenging world.  The entirety of the episodes can be found here:

Wesley David Scott: Letter From A Theif

Rob was commissioned by Wesley David Scott (Zulu Panda) to film a low budget music video for his latest song at the time, Letter From A Theif.

Pilot Teaser Trailer For A Commercial TV Production

A teaser trailer for a highly commercial television investment campaign.

Karma Teachers Short Commercial

Rob Fillo loves working with nonprofit organizations and charities.  This short social media ad was commissioned by Karma Teachers, Vancouver.

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Music Videos


Close up of a video camera lens iris.

Short Films

Music Videos


Young female playing and acoustic guitar and singing into a Neumann TLM 103 microphone in a studio setting.

Music Videos

Music Videos

Music Videos