Consulting & Education

Richmond Arts Coalition

Executive Director and Community Outreach Coordinator.

Geoff Frost & Associates

Image and Marketing Consultant.

City of Richmond

Arts Strategic Plan Update Task Group Member

Keynote Speaking

I deliver a variety of keynote speeches that I have created including educational workshops on corporate management, social media marketing, non-profit development, grant-writing,  songwriting, emotional intelligence, mental health challenges and my signature presentation about my career as a multidisciplinary outsider-artist.

Startup Development

What's your dream company look like?  With over ten years of experience as CEO of Vancouver Media Services Inc. (VMS) I have a firm grasp on corporate and non-profit management.  In 2017, I left VMS to help incubate young organizations in the nonprofit sector and to promote my own artistic and consulting projects.  Learn from my successes and failures to startup strong and make your vision a reality.

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