I have a rich background in business and arts administration with over 10 years of non-profit, corporate and arts administration experience.  Throughout my career I've been the Board Chair of Vancouver Arts Collective Association, CEO of Vancouver Media Services Inc. and Executive Director of Richmond Arts Coalition.  All of these positions have given me deep insight into government, business, arts and community operations.  I have attended multiple conferences and taught various workshops on business, arts, brand marketing and community organizing.   I am open to consulting on projects both large and small, provided your organization aims to produce positive and ethical results.

Consulting Projects

Richmond Arts Strategy

Consulting task group member during the entire planning process from concept to deliver to Richmond City Council

Richmond Arts Coalition

Non-profit consultant and strategic plan advisor

Columbia Performing Arts Society

Startup and lifecycle consultant

Ignite The Warmth

Non-profit consulting and media support

Geoff Frost & Associates

Brand and image consultant

And many more.

I love to help organizations meet plan and meet there goals for the greater good